Saturday, August 12, 2000

Awenda morning observing

0600h. Early.

The intent was to get up really early, 3:30am, to see Uranus, Neptune, more importantly, the Perseids. But the Psion palmtop batteries died at 1:30am and I forgot to replace them. I woke at 5am and arrived Kettle's Lake around 5:30am.

Didn't see any meteors... Damn.

As it was I saw a red star (intially mistook for Mars, unspectacular), Saturn in her glory, and Jupiter and the big moons.

Callisto and Ganymede were well left and right of Jupiter, but Io and Europa were almost in conjunction. Without my Psion Procyon software I might have mistake them as one.

There's lots of dew! So its not just an evening factor.

And there are a lot of mosquitos. Must wear Muskol on these occasions!

Waiting for Mercury. Mars is close to Mercury too. Treeline might be blocking it. Couldn't find 'em.

The telescope legs are waxed. Felt a little easier to set up. Brought my magnetic compass to help me find north... Also remembered to carry extra ½" socket wrench for tightening/loosening tripod legs. These little things made the experience a bit better. Fine tuning... Not great observing but good to commune with nature in the sunrise. Lots of interesting sounds! Chipmunks and sparrows playing.

It's going to be a spectacular day.

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