Wednesday, August 27, 1997

packing list

Found an old packing list, a list I used to remember items to pack for certain types of trips. I found the following under the "stargazing equipment" category.

telescope gear
  • equatorial mount and counter weights
  • tripod with strap
  • stool
  • main tube in case
  • various accessories
  • mini flashlight with fresh batteries
  • dew cap
detailed star charts
Observer's Handbook
Astronomy Data Book
Red Shift print outs (inverted)
Procyon (in Psion)

Interesting stuff. I can't remember which Psion model I was using then. It could have still been a Series 3c although some time in '97 the Series 5 came out.

It is also noteworthy that I had the dew cap. Again, I cannot remember exactly when I bought it but it was my first accessory obtained to combat dew.

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