Saturday, June 01, 1991

Backyard Astronomer's book

I don't remember the exact date I received The Backyard Astronomer's Guide by Dickinson and Dyer from Camden House Publishing. I thought it was before the summer of 1991, the time when I bought my telescope, because I vaguely recall reading this book as I researched telescopes. However, it is copyrighted 1991...

Donna and Steve gave me this as a gift. Possibly it was a birthday gift...

This is a fantastic book for anyone shopping for their first telescope. Sage advice this is still relevant 10 years later. They're big advocates of binoculars too. I believe it was through this book that I first learned about anti-dew methods. And I've used this book to learn how to collimate reflectors.

The photographs are inspiring: they're all shot by amateurs.

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